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Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Of all the things we can say we are blessed as a team, one of the aspect is we are in Mahabalipuram, we are here to capture and recapture the beauty over 100 times and still not get bored of the location, infact the excitement of the couples every time we shoot them makes us to go gaga over the place.

After 5 years of shooting repeatedly in Mahabalipuram we have realised that we have become the silent ambassadors of the heritage Mahabalipuram, photoshoots in mahabalipuram have grown rapidly in the recent years but the covid had really slowed the weddings and outdoor shoots. Now that we see that we are back in the trends, so many of them want to explore the beauty of the sculpture town, and we have measured it in bits n pieces through our lens.

However good we have done, we get to find a new spot everytime we get on a shoot, all we need is ampful time and an exciting couple so we can go gaga again and again over the Heritage Mahabalipuram.


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